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    Stephen Peteritas

    So a buddy of mine sent me a link to a WSJ article that basically puts forward the opinion that co-workers and the workplace culture in general is contributing to the obesity problem we have here in the US. Here’s the article: Colleagues Who Can Make You Fat and an excerpt:

    Some 29% of people on diets say colleagues pressure them to eat more, make fun of their diets or order them restaurant food they know isn’t on their diets, according to a recent survey of 325 dieters by Survey Sampling International for Medi-Weightloss Clinics, a Tampa, Fla., franchiser of physician-supervised weight-loss clinics.

    That sounds crazy but as someone who just did a diet I know at work was where I struggled the most. Futhermore I also know that my infamous cookie runs of the past probably tempted workers in a similar manner.

    So what can we do at the office to battle this? I’ve heard of Biggest Loser competitions amongst co-workers but what else can we do to change to food temptation culture of the office?

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    Ari Herzog


    Nobody but yourself can make you fat.

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    Corey McCarren

    I think the best way would probably be to bring lunch and stick to that. I know if I go to a restaurant I eat much less healthy than if I bring my own lunch (which is usually very healthy, the only problem is it never seems to be enough!)

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    Terrence Hill

    I agree. I only go out to eat lunch about twice a year. The other days, I’m either teleworking or working out in our fitness center. I try to eat healthy at my desk, but avoid the lunch crowd, not only to avoid calories, but to save money.

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    I am with Corey. Bringing your lunch is best. It lets you control your calorie count and know exactly how much fat, etc., you are consuming (versus many restaurants/food trucks, which don’t have such info readily available). Also, Just Say No! Most of the time, I politely decline if a co-worker offers me a cookie or snack.

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    Pattie Buel

    I will blame the weekends bakers who bring their goodies in on Monday mornings. It has nothing to do with my sweet tooth or lack of will power.

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    Shannon Kennedy

    Sorry Peteritas, my brownie making probably didn’t help either. :o(

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    Using peer pressure as an excuse for doing something negative didn’t fly with my parents when I was 7, and it certainly doesn’t influence me as an adult! I can’t believe that a person would respond to efforts to undermine healthy habits. I would minimize my social interactions with these people.

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    Steve Ressler

    We just got a Five Guy’s at L’Enfant Plaza so I think Five Guys is making us all fat! How about that?!

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