Are emergency financial managers the answer to fiscal distress?

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    Allison Cline

    In Michigan, Public Act 4 provides for the use of emergency managers when local governments are close to receivership. PA4 gives emergency managers sweeping powers even over union contracts. Has anyone else had experience with emergency managers? Have they been helpful?


    Allison Cline

    Allen Park, Michigan

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    Patrick Fiorenza

    Hi Allison, I think this might have happen in Buffalo, but could be wrong. I’ll see if I can track some information for you..

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    Allison Cline

    Thank you so much. Anything you can provide would be great. Not only am I an employee of the City, I am also a graduate student. My final project is the new legislation in Michigan and what is happening within my City. We are in severe fiscal distress brought on by continually decreasing housing values, new criteria for state revenue sharing, and a failed business venture the previous administration of the City participated in. A new concern is legislation introduced at the state level that would eliminate the collection of personal property taxes from businesses, which would be devastating to many local communities. School and work aside, I would really like to have a fruitful discussion on emergency managers and if there is any “best practice” to help communities combat growing and seemingly uncontrollable deficits.

    Truly – thanks again!

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