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    Jennifer S Wilson

    We recently started a page on Facebook for our tobacco campaign that is geared toward business leaders, policymakers, and decision makers as a part of our grant. We are working on policy, systems, and environmental change related to tobacco. Our message is meant to educate decision makers on the harmful effects of second-hand smoke. We are trying to reach more people and have liked groups who are working toward the same goals – American Lung Association, American Heart Association, Tobacco Free Florida etc.

    How do we get more Facebook likes without appearing that we are lobbying? Is it okay to friend local political decision makers like the mayor? What about business like bars? What if you have regulatory authority over that business? Is that seen as a conflict of interest? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks 🙂

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    Fascinating question. I haven’t dug into these links yet, but here’s some quick Google search results on “lobbying and social media” –

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    Kevin Lanahan


    I think you are talking about two different “likes”.

    Your page should definitely like any other page that supports your organization’s aims. You imply that you are a government agency. If so, don’t like anyone you regulate. You may not want to like too many politicians, either, if funding/mission is subject to their whims. It may be best to like NGOs, other agencies doing similar work (even if in other cities/counties/states).

    If you want more people to like your page, all you need to do is provide content that your audience can use and promote the page in every news release, interview and psa. Encourage dialog with your audience, have them ask questions, engage. That is the only way to boost your likes.

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    Stephanie Noble

    Your page should friend other pages but that’s a very passive tactic. Look outside of Facebook to drive traffic to Facebook. If you’re note going to do sponsored engagement ads or stories, think about blogger or influencer outreach where someone relevant and credible drives the conversation.

    I’d suggest a detailed conversation with a word of mouth agency with experience in those areas. I work for M80 and having done work for the pharmaceutical industry with all of it’s regulations and restraint was quite a challenge.

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