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    Steve Ressler

    Anyone notice that the number of people viewing their posts on their Facebook fan pages has gone done?

    I noticed the # of people that saw our GL facebook posts went down around Sep 17th and a couple of listservs I’ve on mentioned as well

    Any gov’t agencies notice this? This isn’t the # of fans – but the # next to each post that says X number of people saw this post.

    One article about it: Facebook Algorithmic Change to Decrease Reach on Brand Page Posts

    Another describing the change:

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    My hunch is that it’s tied to this:

    Pay for reach…

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    Henry Brown

    Would offer that Facebook is trying to figure out ways to make money and satisfy the shareholders and along with Andy’s reposting of facebook wanting to charge users for postings, I offer these three recent stories..

    From ArsTechnica
    Give a store your e-mail address, it’ll find you on Facebook
    Facebook admits it: retail chains can use hashed e-mails to find and target users.

    From Facebook:

    Facebook Exchange (FBX) gives marketers an opportunity to bid on showing ads in real time. Approved third-party service providers work with Facebook and marketers to enable this process. We agree with a provider on an ID number (separate from your Facebook ID) for each visitor’s browser. If someone then visits Facebook and his or her browser has that ID, we notify the service provider, who tells us when a marketer wants to show a particular ad. This allows marketers to show you ads relevant to your existing relationship with them – and without them needing to send us any personal information about you.

    From CNET:
    Protecting your privacy online sometimes seems like an uphill battle, but it is certainly worth the effort. Facebook has paired up with a data collection company called Datalogix with the goal of improving its advertisement system. The process uses information from programs like loyalty cards and pairs online data with offline data, putting your privacy at a greater risk.

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    Henry Brown

    Because it is in the early stages of testing, suspect that this is currently NOT having much impact but IMO it won’t be long!

    Facebook Data Collection

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    Ori Hoffer

    Our reach had fallen off a cliff – exactly at the moment this was implemented. We were at a high of 5,000 on Sept. 17, now our reach is 1,200. I had a feeling something was going on with Edge Rank, but this is ridiculous.

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    Steve Ressler

    Seriously – it’s crazy. And too often people just focus on # of fans when it’s really all about Edge Rank and # seeing your post

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    Julie Chase

    We can “look” at our agency FB page and glean what we can. However, we cannot comment from work. FOUO and warning banner comes into play, so folks here don’t even bother.

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    Steve Ressler

    A friend asked whether Facebook places a reduced Edge Rank on Facebook posts that come from an external source rather than posted from directly within Facebook. Any ideas?

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    Teri Centner

    I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter lately because Facebook now requires page administrators to pay to promote their updates if they want their content to be seen by *all* their fans. If they do not pay to promote their posts, only about 10% of their fans will receive updates on their Facebook feeds. Details are available at

    Fans can do the following to keep RECEIVING ALL POSTS:
    – Hover your mouse over the “Like” button near the page’s name (or on the gear symbol next to it)
    – In the drop-down menu select “ADD TO INTEREST LISTS”.

    – Then create an interest list (and make a name for your favorite sites).
    – When you view that interest list you will see ALL of the posts from your favorite pages and you won’t miss anything important!

    Some pages are starting to send these instructions to their fans, but other people I know are abandoning their fan pages and going back to being an “individual” who gets friended instead of liked. (I hope that makes sense.)

    I don’t run a government FB page, but do I run three fan pages for volunteer organizations, which is why I’ve been pondering this change. I think I’m going to stick with them. Each organization may have the need at some point to run small advertisements with budgets of $50 or less. The page should also make us easier to find whether people search Facebook or Google, since pages get cataloged by Google.

    Here are a couple of posts I’ve found that address the new normal:


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