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    Corey McCarren

    The best thing that can happen to leadership is to have great followers. To be a follower it doesn’t mean that you don’t think for yourself, or that you go with whatever other people decide. A great follower can be a committed individual with the goal of getting the task done regardless of credit and at all costs. In some cases, they care more about the cause than leadership, seeing as they are willing to commit without the same level of recognition. So with so much focus on leadership in our culture, do we ever undervalue great followers?

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    Henry Brown

    IMO always have and always will…

    A significant number of “managers/leaders” feel much less threatend by a team member who is NOT percieved to be after their job and is willing to let the team lead take all the credit…

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    Corey McCarren

    I think it would be unfortunate to be in an organization where the leadership is so inept that to keep their position they need to take credit for everything. I think a better leader would be one to say “I knew what tools to give these people to be as productive and innovative as possible, and here’s what they accomplished.”

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    Have to agree with Corey, I have worked for two types of managers. Two who did not believe in giving employees awards, but received large cash awards for the performance of the group and kept it all, more than willing to accept awards (if you don’t believe in something, the right thing would have been to decline.) I left their employ.

    The other won a large cash award and made arrangements for that award to be divided among the team because it couldn’t happen without ALL the people who worked for him. I am more than willing to follow someone who appreciates me. But appreciation of employees was part of the corporate culture at this company. That cash award was just an added perk because I always felt valued.

    Following doesn’t mean you are not after their job, and why would the lead have a need to take all the credit. To me that is a weak leader. I have seen that a lot more in public sector. Managers who do not provide growth opportunities for employees, don’t share knowledge, etc. To me, hiring bright, creative people and using them to your best advantage is good for you and them.

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