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    Henry Brown

    Probably a rather mute point in this enviornment (GOVLOOP) but IMO interesting blog post AND comments.

    from the Packet Pushers Blog:

    I’m a private contractor, and I work as a consultant in various enterprises for short to mid-term contracts. They usually last for a 6 to 18 month period, and are usually to realize the conception, design, and installation of new technology or integration of different networks (i.e. the merger of 2 companies). This also means that every year or so, I totally change environments, coworkers, business processes, etc.

    One of the many challenges I’m facing is the resistance to change, because – let’s face it – we humans hate changes. We would like it, if it were possible, to live in the same environment forever once we feel secure and in control. Unfortunately, it is uncommon to have that luxury. Everyday in IT, there is a shiny new gizmo that promises to relieve network administrators from their pain. Change is inevitable and in fact, part of everyday life. It is what makes our job challenging and not routine, as there is always something new to learn.

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