Are You and Your Peers Taking an "Ostrich Approach" to Your Jobs Being Cut?

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    Each week, GovLoop teams up with the Washington Post to wonder what's top of mind for government employees. This week's question is:

    Any talk about looming job cuts among you and your colleagues?

    Anyone sincerely worried about it or is the general sense that Congress will figure out a way to avoid massive budget cuts (kinda taking the approach to the right)?

    Respond below or email me at [email protected] if you want your response to be anonymous.

    Here are a couple articles that cover a couple angles of the issue:

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    Samuel Lovett

    Friends of mine who are currently working amidst the uncertainty of sequestration are frustrated with Congress for not making a decisive step, keeping them in the dark about the resources they will have to work with going forward, and giving little sense of timeline for when funding decisions will be made. Frustration and uncertainty are their recurring themes.

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    Stephen Lambeth



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    Michael Stevens

    I definitely witnessed an "ostrich approach" when sequestration first started being mentioned - great term by the way. Now, colleagues in defense seem to be frustrated not being able to fully do their jobs. They can't make decisions or go forward with the programs they work on due to budget uncertainty.

    Colleagues outside of defense, however, seem to be frustrated and disappointed with the lack of career advancement now facing them. Agencies are starting to not replace retiring supervisors, making advancement that much more difficult, especially when training budgets have also been slashed and that avenue to make yourself competitive is gone. Young feds that thought they had a good career path where they currently work are now looking outside of their agencies for advancement.

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