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    David B. Grinberg

    Telework Week 2013


    1) Are you participating in Telework Week?

    2) Why or why not?

    3) Should the week be expanded to Telework Month?

    4) Does telework help or hurt career advancement?

    Make your voice heard…

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    David B. Grinberg

    Federal Computer Week (FCW) reports:

    100,000 feds pledge Telework Week

    “Close to 100,000 federal employees will telework from home – or perhaps their favorite Wi-Fi hotspot – for at least a day during the newly rebranded Mobile Work Exchange’s Telework Week. The third-annual global effort to encourage agencies, industry and individuals to pledge telework time has more than 106,000 participants, 90 percent of which are federal employees…”

    The statistical savings, both in commuting costs and environmental damage, realized are significant, according to data pulled by Mobile Work Exchange. Commuting costs alone will be cut $7.5 million during Telework Week as feds ride the couch instead of their vehicles, with the majority of work done on laptops. Individual teleworkers will save an average of $75 in fuel and 3.5 hours in commuting time.” (bold added for emphasis)

    * Is telework more important to men, women, or equally important?

    * How much does telework contribute to a healthy work-life balance?

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    Terrence Hill

    I’m definitely participating in Telework Week. How serendipitous that we are expecting snow on Wednesday! Perfect reminder of one of the reasons why telework makes sense. We used to just have Telework Day, but now have a whole week. A week provides more of a focus and a month would. I’m not too worried about career development, but if I were new to my position, I wouldn’t push too hard to telework until I built a bank of trust and could work well independently.

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    Unfortunately, my boss will not let anyone in my office telework. I held the same position in another agency two years ago and was empowered to telework at least once a week. It helped a great deal when my transportation subsidy coordinator failed to straighten out my paperwork (four months with no subsidy for me!). I have an agency-issued laptop, VPN account and a fully stocked home office – but they sit dormant.

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    David B. Grinberg

    In case you missed it, YouTube video of Telework Week roundtable kick-off discussion via Google+ by Mobile Work Exchange.

    Did you have your “morning cup of telework” today?

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