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    Steve Ressler

    Yeah folks it’s that time again. With football season right around the corner I wanted to throw this feeler out there to the community to gauge interest in playing GovLoop fantasy football and also how we wanted to run the league.

    Last year me 15 other govies and myself did this and it was really fun. We could do that format again if everyone wants but it does limit the number of people. So that’s option one to do a 16 team league where we will just go with the first 15 people plus me that sign up!
    If there is more interest than we could undergo some aggressive expansion. What I’m thinking here is that we could have two people run each team. You could sign up with a fellow govie or we could pair you with one. If we do it that way we’ll be able to take on 32 people. And I always say the more the merrier but maybe I’m wrong.
    Another option is that we scrap fantasy football and just do a weekly pick’em league with a sweet GovLoop prize at the end. We could fit anyone who wanted to pick in this league. For those of you unfamiliar with pick’em you basically pick the spread of the slate of games every week and obviously the person with the most picks right wins.
    Lastly this might be hard to pull off but I think it would be kind of cool. Making a league where agencies and organizations are in control of the teams. Like DHS would have a team and so would HHS, NIH so on and so forth. Basically it could create so fun back and forths and also would allow a ton of people to be involved in directly even if they aren’t the ones pulling the actually strings for the team.
    Let me know what you guys think and if you’re interested. I think any one of these options will be fun and will be a good way to interact with govies in a non work way!
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    Stephen Peteritas

    I’m down for option 2 where we have 16 teams and partners for each team!

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    I’m in!

    No preference on options.

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