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    Josh Nankivel

    I’m curious if others are dealing with this.

    Rather than hiring new staff for a project, because I have a development background in the required area of expertise I opted to plan on doing some implementation work alongside the rest of my team.

    Sometimes this is great. Sometimes, like right now, everything happens all at once and it’s difficult to feel you are doing a good job being a proactive project manager when so much of your time is tied up implementing a system.

    Have you struggled with this scenario in the past?

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    Mihail Sadeanu

    Yes I have struggled!

    The program and/or the project manager are even required and encouraged to perform some technical or administrative work (preparing technical offers for IFBs or performing as bid managers, participating proactively to a SW development cycle e.g. “waterfall” or through Agile method as both project manager and team manager, testing and implementing a combined HW/SW/NW integrated system at national scale as quality manager as well as project manager, advising on purchasing parallel machines and large storage systems for large/complex projects, implementing and testing large HW configurations as technical project manager as well as project manager, CDMA&GSM network system administrator of large mobile communications network while managing as project manager a complex MIS project for a such infrastructure etc.).

    During my program&project management professional career, I was faced many, many times with such positive challenging issues.



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    Josh Nankivel

    Thanks for sharing Mihail!

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    Scott Primeau

    Working in a farily small office (about 100 people total, about 35 in my Division), I’ve found myself wearing many hats on some projects: SME, project leader/owner, user acceptance tester, and PM.

    Wearing all of those hats on a project can create some internal struggles and confusion for other team members. As a project owner I probably want all of the functionality and features I or anyone else can dream of. As the PM, I want to control the scope.

    I wouldn’t recommend being a project owner and a PM, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

    I’d suggest exercising as much patience and delaying decisions. Don’t jump everytime you hear a the next best idea since sliced bread. Take some time to process what the impacts, benefits, and tradeoffs are.

    And, look for help as much as you can. Bounce ideas off other people. Look for other SMEs. Ask end users what they think. Yes, that all takes more time. But you’ll be better off for it.

    Thanks for the post!

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