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    Shannon Kennedy

    You may have heard of the term WebEx, but have no idea what it is or how to use it. Cisco’s WebEx platform lets you have online meetings with anyone who has an Internet connection, including mobile devise users.

    The cool part about WebEx verses other forms of video conferencing is the ability to share content from your computer. Attendees will be able to see everything in real time. There is even a feature of WebEx that allows you to virtually “Pass the Ball” so any attendee can control the meeting and share information. I’ve used WebEx before for presentations and absolutely love it.

    Are You Using WebEx for Your Meetings?

    If so, how has using it changed your meeting’s productivity and efficiency? Share your comments below!

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    Steve Cottle

    My fun WebEx story is that when Snowmaggeddon hit DC in February 2010, I was part of a virtual team that regularly met via WebEx. Throughout the week (during which my street was never plowed!) we continued to operate, uninterrupted. When I lost my heat for 2 days, I ended up taking meetings from my couch wearing a winter jacket and gloves!

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    Jaime Gracia

    Have not used the Cisco WebEx platform, but use Citrix GoToMeeting platforms with great success.

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    Adam Arthur

    I like WebEx but it was really expensive. I’ve switched to InstantPresenter and have achieved greater ROI – it’s cheaper and more robust.

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