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    Don Duggins

    Over the years I have filled the role of advocate for organizational success on multiple occasions (e.g. U.S. Department of the Army, Postal Service, and multiple subsets of the private industry). I’ve coped with senior managers who seemed to be the principal barriers to success at times and I’ve seen senior managers be strong enablers of progress at other times. I’ve seen workers who were hungry for organizational success and I’ve seen workers who were by-default resistant to anything new or different. I’ve seen middle managers behave as if they are threatened by the quest for higher levels of success and I have seen middle managers become heroes of success, during which time the people working for them flourished in the effort. But every organization is not the same – challenges and circumstances are as varied as there are agencies and bureaus to foster them – so where are the real points of leverage for success in your organization? Does your organization’s destiny and effectiveness lie primarily in the hands of its most senior managers? Or is it with those you consider the key workers within your organization (those who kind of keep the ship going on a daily basis). Or, perhaps, you think it’s with the mid-level managers? When you survey your organization, what level would you say most likely controls your organization’s future success (however you define “success”)? How do you think the contextual circumstances of where you work come to play in this regard?

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