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    Rebecca Starr

    Good afternoon everyone,

    Happy Wednesday! I would love to tap the GovLoop community of virtual trainers with a question about attendance reporting for events.

    We all know that accurate statistics help to paint a beautiful picture of a program’s effectiveness. I would love to know more about how you tackle the challenge of reporting the most accurate attendance statistics for your virtual training sessions.

    Is there a particular cut off point at which you would not count viewers based on:

    • period of length stayed (for example: stayed for 30 minutes total, stayed for the entire webinar, etc.)?
    • when they entered or left the webinar (for example: left after 10 minutes, only attended the last 20 minutes, etc.)?
    • level of interaction during the webinar?

    Any guidance on how you manage your attendance statistics would be much appreciated!


    Rebecca Starr

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    Steve Ressler

    I know for CPEs when we give them out they have to have stayed the entire webinar. And answer everyone of the polling questions we ask. But that’s a pretty strict standard.

    From a gut level, my sense is if a person attend 75% of an online training that seems to be that got most of it.

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    Hi Rebecca – We do some pretty robust reporting and analysis with our metrics. In particular, when we ran a Social Learning Pilot course with OPM, we looked at a lot of different measures, including:

    – did they attend the webinars?

    – how long did they stay?

    – did they complete polls?

    – did they participate in live chats during the webinar?

    – did they join the live discussion on our groups?

    – did they complete the peer-to-peer exchange

    I’d be happy to talk with you more offline as evaluation is a topic that’s important to us!

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    Rebecca Starr

    Thank you guys so much! It’s really helpful to hear what others are doing, as we all know there are major differences between giving the total number of attendees and giving the total number of engaged attendees. 🙂

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