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    Candace Riddle

    I had the pleasure of listening to the author of “The Book of AWESOME” today. Neil Pasricha decided to put on a positive attitude and look at his upside down world with fresh eyes…his simple blog consisting of one Awesome thing a day has turned into an inspiration for others and a full time job… I’d like to take Andrew’s initiative to list 1000 awesome things about government a little further and ask each of you to post a specific story from your government career/ life that required you (or inspired you) to put on new lenses and approach a situation with a positive attitude. Be inspirational and honest…who knows you may just inspire the next AWESOME thing in government.

    Neil Pasricha’s Blog may offer some examples (just relate your response to GOVERNMENT AWESOMENESS)

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    Candace Riddle

    Let me get us started…

    1. Having a Boss/ Mentor so AWESOME that she makes work fun and leaves things like this on your desk!!

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