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    Thomas A Brazelton

    Our Communications Department is organizing an awareness campaign to attract more of our residents to our Facebook page.

    Facebook has become a very valuable communications tool for our organization and our audience has grown over 350% in the last three years. 92% of our residents report having access to the internet with over 70% reporting that they are active on social media. The median age of our community is 32 years old, so we expect this trend to continue.

    The last time we did an awareness campaign was two years ago. At the time, we were just getting started, so it was relatively easy for us to generate likes. Now that our audience has grown, I’m concerned that another campaign might plateau quickly if we don’t have the right strategy.

    One of our ideas was to leverage the language of our City Council’s mission statement to help proliferate our brand identity while hopefully generating page likes.

    I’m curious to know what kind of advertising language your organization uses to generate interest in your Facebook.

    With thanks,
    Tom Brazelton
    Web Communications Specialist
    City of Ankeny

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    Steve Ressler

    Couple ideas:

    -Just make sure you are promoting your Facebook in prominent places where people interact with your city. On your website, on messaging, in background where mayor speaks, etc.

    -Use your other channels – have a large email list? Send an email asking folks to like your Facebook page

    -Run a contest

    -Make sure you are delivering great content that people want (#1 always – my city has great photos of city, highlights about city, highlights citizens, etc)

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    Jaime K Davis

    In my previous position, I mostly used our email lists and word of mouth. I added the Facebook page to my email signature, as well as communications I sent out to my customers.

    The #1 thing I have found (I agree with the previous post) is having great content boosts participation. For our page, when I would post pictures of employees (and tell them about it), I would get a few new likes. Sometimes I would even get likes from employees’ kids, spouses, or parents.

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    Katharine Greenlee
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    Julia Chandler

    As a resident, what attracted me to my local council social media channels, was the ones who regularly update with info about what is going on, both headline “events” but also small scale local things- like road closures, community gatherings. Have discovered several local things like nature reserves I never knew about, through postings of cleanup events, or open days.

    And as people below said – lots of photos, info about people, opportunities to have my say, and competitions (prizes dont have to be cash-based – access or insider tours – yes, I did enjoy visiting our local massive high tech recycling facility!)

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    Michele Nissen

    I work for the City of Eastvale, CA and we launched our Facebook page about 18 months ago. We are a small community with little to no budget for marketing but I tackled some fun, community oriented campaigns which have generated a tremendous response from the community. I started a You Asked We Answered weekly post whereby I post a question from a local resident and the response. I also try to include a photo of whatever the subject matter is. I also go around town a take photos of new retailers coming to the area and share that info. The other activity that has generated quite a bit of interest is the Friday Pic of the Week – either from a staff member or a resident which we post with their permission and give them photo credit. These are just a few “fun” ideas to help make a more personal connection/engagement with the people you serve.

    Good luck!
    Michele Nissen, PIO

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