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    Lori Windle

    hi all,

    can anyone point me in the direction to find descriptions for a GS-13 Audio Visual Production specialist? I mean besides the OPM personnel guidance. Any jobs or PD’s available, particularly outlining salary?
    Series is 1071 –



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    Carolyn McGill


    First, I would like to know where you are, then how did you get a rating of GS-13 in the AV field? Are you in an Agency or Service?

    I am also an AV Production Specialist- Supervisory,Series 1071 and only a GS-11!! as far as PD’s we had to make up our own because there is no job description that fits everything we do within the gov’t position description realm. We do Video production, Photography, Graphic Design, Video Teleconferencing and document production. That is 5 areas of service for one office. I have not heard of anyone doing that many things in one department. Any feedback would be helpful to all of us here in the Heartland.



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    Lori Windle

    hi Carolyn,

    I am not a GS-13, but looking for verbiage for that level. I am in the Rocky Mountain area. I am surprised you are rated as Supervisory at a GS-11, I thought only GS-14s and above could be supervisory. Sounds like your agency is getting a great deal with you. You talk about your office – you obviously have people you supervise in this realm.

    I am the only 1071 in my whole agency. I do everything you mention above, except for the video conferencing, which is handled by our training coordinator. I don’t really feel comfortable talking too much on GovLoop about this, because it is public domain and can wind up in Google. Not sure if this is only true for discussions, or our profile pages as well. Could you go to my profile page & send a message? thnx

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    Hello Lori,

    Hope all is well. I’m a freelance av tech and was interested in taking NYS exam 25-430 Audiovisual Production Specialist $43,500G-15 $35. Are you able to elaborate on this or how can I find sample test?

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    Lori Windle

    Hi Barry,

    sorry, I am in the federal sector and have no knowledge of NYS qualifications or their exam. Wish I could help, but just not knowledgable about it.


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