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    Karla Brandau

    I am interested in your point of view: What impact does authentic acceptance by the direct manager and team members/peers have on the productivity and performance of individuals?

    When I say “authentic acceptance” I am defining that as acceptance of the individual as a total package, meaning you hire them for their strengths but you realize that they have unique limitations or blind spots.

    As individuals are respected for strengths and blind spots and offered authentic acceptance, fear is driven out of the environment. Employees do not fear retaliation if they speak the truth as they see it, if they make a human error or misjudge a situation.

    My theory is that if the person is accepted as a total package as described above, they will give more to the organization. They will give what is termed “discretionary effort” or effort above what it takes to just get their pay check. The organization will prosper.

    Am I on the right road? I’d like your feedback and your stories about a time you were accepted and how that affected your performance or an instance when you were not totally accepted and how that affected your performance.

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