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    I was just watching the Academy Awards and was struck by the AARP commercial which featured a series of people saying “When I grow up…” and sharing their post-retirement dreams.

    So I’m wondering how GovLoop Boomers would fill in the blank:

    “When I grow up, I will __________”
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    Andrea Schneider

    …continually work on my professional and personal legacy, as a change-maker and person of high integrity. I will take needed risks to main my creative edge and ability to think outside the box. I will use my past to inform my present and always know each generation is bringing critical elements to the table.
    I will always “call the question,” as I see it, maintain my open mind and focus on results. Personally, I am more humble by the day at the surprises and whimsy of life. Integrating the two elements is challenging and fun to work on.
    I hope to work on cross-generational teams of talent.

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    Cheryl Wahlheim

    Well to be honest, I never thought about retirement until about 5 years ago. Now that my husband’s and my retirement funds have diminished by about 40% and we still have a child in college (who wants to go to medical school) and my husband just went back to work after 14 months without work, I am not even thinking about “retirement” at all. I see myself working in some capacity for at least another 10-12 years. I am currently working 2 jobs anyway, so half of one job “would” be retirement for me!

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    Amanda Blount

    Two Words for your Med student – Student Loans – Let Mom and Dad retire.

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    Amanda Blount

    When I grow up I want to volunteer!

    By 50 I want to have another Master’s Degree, and My Doctorate. Between 60-70 I want to work, consult, and travel. I also want to take a pottery class. If I am still healthy at 70, I am going to start the garden I have always wanted to start and never had time for… so hopefully I will have time for it by 70. 🙂 And since I have very little retirement – I will then move in with the kids and leave my shoes and stuff around for them to pick up! LOL

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    Linda W. Odell

    be retired.

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    Amanda Blount

    BTW – This is assuming that I ever do “grow up”. Is growing up a requirement!? 🙂

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    Jim Koontz

    I started my own financial advising business a few years ago on the side. I will continue to grow that as I grow up. Cannot count on Social Security to be there. Need to continue to generate income to live the life I want to live. i also enjoy helping others not make the same financial mistakes I made during my life.

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    Kathy Sciannella

    My plan is to migrate to another career and work part time as long as my health is good. I am thinking about taking my human resource experience and working with young people, especially those at risk, to help them map out a career. When I grow up, I will work in career coaching and helping other people find satisfaction in their jobs or identify a new one.

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    Kevin Lanahan

    …be a kitemaker and paste little bits of cloth in the sky above a field.

    So it is a good time to start taking sewing lessons and learn some aerodynamic principles.

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    Lori Hamm

    …finally have the questions my kids have had the answers to since they turned 14!

    Seriously – I’m 60 and am now working for the state of Montana in the best job I have ever had. Who wants to retire when work is so much fun?

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    Larry Miller

    cross that bridge when I come to it.
    I am 4 years away from retirement, and it is critical I keep this job till then.
    If I start day dreaming about it, my productivity will suffer, or at least my attitude.
    So I will keep assuming that I will work for ever, until I am pleasantly surprised.
    Denial is sometimes a good thing.

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    That’s really cool, Jim. I have a buddy who is essentially doing the same thing. Like the idea of giving back in retirement…make some money, but also help others.

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    That’s awesome, Kathy. Here’s a cool organization that does that kind of thing here in Durham, NC: A nice model…

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    Have you read the book or seen the movie “The Kite Runner” yet? Should give you some inspiration, Kevin!

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    That’s great! When you love what you’re doing, you might as well keep doing it. Keeps the mind active and continue to make a valuable contribution…

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    Cynthia Schoeppel

    When I grow up, I will not grow up. Like many boomers I have to keep working and so staying in the game with all the youngsters, the kids as I call them since they could be my kids, keeps me young and active. Retirement is a dead concept so get over it and get busy living your life to the fullest, stop and smell the chocolate, and dance like everyone’s watching.

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    R J Parry

    Grow up ? I refuse to grow up. For my 56th birthday, my wife blessed me with a newborn baby girl (now 19 months old). Well so much for retirement. If I leave government service I guess I will be the stay at home daddy and let the wife work for the next 30 years

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    Nice…nothing like a youngster to keep you young.

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    Brie Sansotta

    Too many responsibilities to do what I really want to do – move to San Diego and surf!

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