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    Henry Brown

    Would highly recommend that the entire article be read (~2600 words) …

    Some information about the PRISM program and other related “spying” by NSA from AP via the Oklahoma City’s Oklahoman

    Around the world, government spies and eavesdroppers were tracking the email and Internet addresses used by suspected terrorists. Often, those trails led to the world’s largest software company and, at the time, largest email provider.

    But interviews with more than a dozen current and former government and technology officials and outside experts show that, while Prism has attracted the recent attention, the program actually is a relatively small part of a much more expansive and intrusive eavesdropping effort.

    The government has said it minimizes all conversations and emails involving Americans. Exactly what that means remains classified. But former U.S. officials familiar with the process say it allows the government to keep the information as long as it is labeled as belonging to an American and stored in a special, restricted part of a computer.


    IMO this just points out the need for a dramatically improved transparancy

    Wonder if those who are suggesting that Mr. Snowden and the Washington Post be prosecuted for ???? are now arguing for the “dragnet” to significantly expanded…..

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