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    Henry Brown

    Cant visualize too many supervisors openly adopting this mindset….

    Somewhat contraian viewpoint from blog

    We’ve all been there – staring bleary eyed at a computer screen, digging deep for motivation or inspiration that seems to have taken a temporary hiatus just when we need it most.

    Or, glued to the television set, watching the minutes tick by as the guilt of procrastination ruminates in our stomach.

    There’s certainly no shortage of literature on procrastination – causes for it, tips for combating it, etc. – but is it really as bad as we make it out to be?

    Maybe not.

    1. Active procrastinators can often create better work under pressure.

    2. Procrastinating allows time for ideas to ruminate and flourish on their own.

    3. Relaxation can be more beneficial in the long-run than working harder and longer.

    4. Procrastination can cut down on busy work.

    5. Procrastination offers a chance to plan ahead.

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