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    Sterling Whitehead

    We haven’t had raises in a few years, so I’m wondering:

    What are the best alternate sources (part-time jobs, residual income, passive income, etc.) for federal employees?

    Sounds off below.

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    Steve Ressler

    Some of my govie friends:

    -Teach at local university or online

    -Fun side gig (wait tables, bartend, work at gym, personal trainer) on nights/weekend

    -Property (own/rent out property)

    Hard part is if it’s difficult to leverage your core skills without it being a conflict of interest

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    Sterling Whitehead

    Agreed — the conflict of interest issue is the big area. It’s where you’re trained and therefore where you income potential is, but you can’t use it. Clearly, there should be restrictions. However, it seems there should be some reasonable middle ground given there are no raises these days. The thing is, I just don’t see where the middle ground is.

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    Rhonda Cooper

    How about becoming a mystery shopper. You get paid to assess all kinds of businesses. Stay at a nice hotel, have a good meal, get some merchandise, test drive that car you are interested in buying,see a movie all for free. Just provide the company with the answers to the questions they desire about the service you recieved.’

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    Jeff S

    I started a lawn mowing business and it has become wildly succesfull. Of course enjoying being outside and providing great customer service is a plus.

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    Raven Austin

    Hi Rhonda – Are you currently a mystery shopper? If so, could you provide any company info?

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    Jana Opperman

    I assist the elderly a few nights a week and on weekends. Just helping with hygiene, cleaning, cooking every now and then helps them stay at home longer. If you have a pleasant patient it’s extremely rewarding! I do this all through word of mouth, boy do the children and grand children appreciate the care a responsible helper brings! It’s horrible the kind of health aids that are out there. Many families wait too long not realizing how hard it is to get an aid for their parents and grand parents. (You HAVE to start looking at least 3-6 months BEFORE you think you will need it, you have to go through at least 3 caretakers before you find a good “fit”!)

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    My co-worker and I are both writers with the government. He writes books on the side; while I write for magazines on topics that have nothing to do with my agency.

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    Kathryn Aderhold

    Hi Rhonda,

    Please provide any information as to how to become a mystery shopper. Are their adds in the classified section, or do you become one by word of mouth?

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    Rhonda Cooper

    One of the largest companies out therre is called Market Force. They have different types of work. You can also type in the words mystery shopping in Google and you will see some companies. My only warning, do not sign up with a company that wants you to pay to sinitally sign up.

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    There is a mystery shopper company alled A Closer Look…

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    Steven Goldman

    Teaching classes on Skillshare might be a nice way to use your skills.

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    Terrence Hill

    Try what I do. Take a day off and volunteer to be an election officer on November 6th. Most are paid a small stipend and it is non-partisan, so no conflict with your job.

    I have also known a few Feds who were part-time realtors. Lots of weekend and evening work and no conflict with any governement job (except maybe a HUD job). Teaching is also a common part-time gig and nowadays, that may be online.

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    William Lim

    It sounds old fashioned, but I know a few people in my office who sell Avon on the side. They are not allowed to solicit at work via email, but they can put out a catalog on their desk and word gets around. Same for a few who sell homemade crafts (knitted work, glass beads, ornamental metal work, etc.)

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