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    kathy kyle

    A friend of mine is looking for the BEST, MOST EFFECTIVE, USER-FRIENDLY document sharing application available to the federal government. Something where he can collaborate and co-edit a document in real-time with other authors. Does it exist? Are we coo-coo for even asking?

    Is it Google Docs?
    Is it Microsoft Sharepoint?

    Is it Team Box?

    Thanks for sharing!


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    Terri Jones

    I think this depends on your budget. I worked for a non-profit and we got along fine with Google Docs. I have seen many agencies moving into Sharepoint and that requires significantly more understanding to set it up. Some agencies are asking more of Sharepoint than it can deliver and have experienced very high custom development bills as a result. Sharepoint is a good option for basic collaboration but shouldn’t be used for long term document storage or workflow. If you follow that rule, then Sharepoint is probably a better option than Google Docs for features, although it has a higher price tag and learning curve.

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    Steve Ressler

    We use Google Docs for that and works well (also use Google Sites for some of this)

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    I think for co-editing a doc in real-time, google docs is the best bet. SharePoint seems to work better for asynchronous editing..

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    kathy kyle

    cool beans. thanks, all!

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    Lisa Roper

    We use Google Docs and have just started using Sharepoint.

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    Daniel Honker

    I like Google Docs for just compiling content from different sources, but usually have to take it out when you get to formatting. I’ve used BaseCamp too, which works well.

    Another option, though I’m highly doubtful most gov networks would allow it, is Dropbox. It’s basically a virtual hard drive you can share with other people. That way, you can edit a powerpoint file, for example, and you don’t have to re-upload it or take it out of powerpoint for any reason.

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    Debra Thangarajah

    I’m interested in this topic as well. Currently we’re trying out iEtherPad ( but it doesn’t have as robust of a track changes option as we’d like. We’re trying to avoid something that requires document check-in/check-out and that has robust track changes, so both Sharepoint and Google Docs are out.

    I’m also looking into PleaseReview ( If anyone has any experience with them, I’d love to hear from you.

    Also, if anyone has other web-based or SAAS suggestions that they’re currently using, I’d love to know about them as well.

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    kathy kyle

    oooh ietherpad looks very cool.

    thanks, everyone!

    oh so helpful.

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    Debra Thangarajah

    Kathy – you might also want to look at Mixed Ink, which a coworker discovered. It is on the GSA schedule. We had a demo this morning on PleaseReview and it looks very promising, although it does come with a cost.

    I’ve sent several e-mails to the owner of iEtherPad, Prasanna, and he has been extremely responsive so, while a free app, so far their support has been excellent.

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    kathy kyle

    this has all been so very helpful – thanks everyone!

    i was actually asking for a colleague in the legal dept at state. i will follow up and ask him what they decide to do…

    warm regards,


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