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    Steve Ressler

    I’m sitting here in Memphis waiting for my connection and started to thinking about government travel tips.

    What’s your favorite govt travel tip?

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    Steve Ressler

    If you bring the govt form you should be exempt from hotel taxes

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    Brian Hughes

    Not all hotels accept these forms. Some are easier than others. Hotels around Boulder are notorious for not accepting these. I’ve been told to present the tax exempt forms, but not to push it if the hotel rejects.

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    Steve Ressler

    True. same with car insurance for a rental. As a fed you don’t need it but they always sell you on it

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    Wayne McGovern

    Check out this web site for airline seats before you travel ( It has just about every plane for each airline. It will give information about power points and the good and bad of those seats. Check it out before your next flight.

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    Christina Morrison

    If you do not have priority status, and you want to carry on your bag, you sometimes maybe SOL. So my tip is while sitting in the back and next the window may not be your first choice it will get you on faster. Would you rather be in the back and wait to get off the plane or stand at bagage claim? If the window does not sound cool to you, and you carry on and your bags cannot fit. When the agent checks your bag at board, you are usually not charged the $25+ fee. The crew just wants to check that bag, and take off. They dont have time to worry about the details of the bag fee.

    Happy trails to you! And Safe Travels

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    David Kuehn

    My best travel advice is to avoid afternoon and evening flights during the summer. Thunderstroms can cause systematic disruption leading to delays and cancellation of flights.

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