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    Aldo Bello

    Whether they come from the the commercial sector (like IBM’s Research Center for Social Business), are pure research think tanks focused on the public sector (like Woodrow Wilson’s Science and Technology Innovation Program) or academic institutions (like Stanford’s Media X), who would you say represents the best of the best doing research in the social media sector…especially when it comes to doing research into how public institutions are utilizing social media to build trust with constituencies, collaborate and innovate?

    Thanks in advance…

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    Josh Folk

    I’d add Deloitte’s GovLab to your list. But not sure how it stacks up against the others.

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    Aldo Bello

    Awesome…thanks Josh!

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    Steve Ressler

    Always like Pew Center for Internet

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    Aldo Bello

    Good one! Forgot about Pew…thanks Steve!

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    Andrew Wilson


    – Albany Center for Technology in Government:

    – Social Media Research Foundation:

    – Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab:

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    Robin Smothers

    I’d add the Society for New Communications Research

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