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    subroto mukerji

    Bio-diesel is a process of converting waste oils (grease, oil and other waste products into diesel fuel). There are other products that can be used to convert into diesel as well. Most municipalities, counties, towns and villages have either started or have a bio-diesel project in the works.

    Why doesn’t the federal government have such a project for itself? With all of the waste oils being produced is there a federal agency or organization that makes its own bio-diesel. I am not interested in the government buying bio-diesel from a contractor but actually making its own fuel to power its fleet of trucks.

    With all this talk of green technologies and efficiency in government producing bio-diesel seems like a no-brainer. Do govloopers know of such a project underway right now?


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    Great question, Subroto. Got any ideas for agencies that may possibly be engaged in this kind of recycling? Assuming EPA would be pushing this agenda. If you have ideas, I can narrow the search to find someone that could answer your question…Thanks!

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    subroto mukerji


    I am not in the Federal Government. I thought that this would be a natural fit for GSA which probably manages a huge fleet of trucks and other places where waste oil is being produced. It would also be a perfect fit for the armed forces as well. The EPA would probably not be such a good fit.

    I want a job with the federal government and biodiesel is one of the things that interests me and I wanted a job with a biodiesel component in it. Unfortunately when you put in biodiesel as a search term in USAJobs you get nothing that is even remotely close to it.

    Since GSA is huge agency I wouldn’t have the slightest where to search. If you can assist please let me know.


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