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    Darren DeGioia

    JDG Associates, Executive Search Consultants, has been retained by NIST to identify the Head of their Boulder Labs.


    The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) plays a vital role in supporting technical innovation — critical to the future economic security of our Nation. NIST accomplishes its mission through a broad interdisciplinary approach leveraging its physical sciences and engineering expertise. Its broad scope and technical expertise is matched by few other laboratories in the world. NIST is organized around scientific and engineering disciplines and encourages research programs that leverage the full talent and expertise across the organization.

    NIST programs are at the scientific forefront nationally and internationally, and they provide an important contribution in support of industry, academia, and other government entities. NIST is a dynamic and complex organization undertaking research and scientific endeavors in a multidisciplinary, diverse culture. NIST human resources are also diverse with over 2,800 full-time employees and over 1,500 foreign and domestic guest researchers, contractors, and other associates. The primary facilities are located in Gaithersburg, Maryland and Boulder, Colorado.

    The position of Boulder Laboratories Site Manager (BLSM) is organizationally located within the Office of the Director, NIST. The Department of Commerce (DOC) has three agencies with a presence on the Boulder campus: NIST, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).

    (NIST’s website is

    This executive position has a challenging and unique blend of responsibilities on behalf of the DOC and NIST. The BLSM works under the supervision of the NIST Deputy Director and is a member of NIST’s Leadership Team, being considered one of their Chief Officers. He/she will participate in NIST’s weekly executive staff meetings, being involved in strategic planning and issue resolution. This individual is expected to exercise the critical judgment and maturity required to manage the Boulder campus. Supervision in the “normal sense” is not provided, but the capability to lead and manage is judged over the long term by the NIST Deputy Director and the NOAA and NTIA Chief Administrative Officers based on progress in meeting program and administrative objectives.

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    •As an integral part of the management team, the BLSM is responsible for carrying out the mission of the organization in the most efficient and effective manner, using the precepts of sound management practices, and operating within the confines of the merit system. The BLSM has significant decision and policy-making responsibilities concerning the direction of high-level programs of vital importance to the Nation, and in the management of resources assigned to the program.

    •The BLSM has the responsibility to work closely with the NIST Laboratory Directors; the NIST Special Assistant for Environment, Safety, and Health; and the NIST Chief Officers (Chief Financial Officer, Chief Facilities Management Officer, Chief Human Capital Officer and Chief Information Officer) to ensure that:

    (1) operations support issues that cut across the Boulder laboratory programs are coordinated and resolved, and
    (2) the interests and needs of the Boulder laboratory programs for operations support are represented effectively to NIST headquarters.

    •The Site Manager initiates and leads strategic and operational planning and is responsible for accomplishing the following activities:

    (1) General Management:
    -Directing activities at the Boulder site in the event of emergencies, including declaring the site to be shut down or re-opened based on safety or security conditions.
    -Leading continuity of operations preparations for the Boulder site, in close cooperation with NIST, NOAA and NTIA senior officials at the Boulder Laboratories.
    -Managing campus-wide emergency preparations, including the conduct of required drills and exercises, to improve readiness to respond to safety, security, or facilities-related events.

    (2) Security:
    -Establishing, maintaining and ensuring compliance with standards for physical access to the Boulder site; and ensuring Boulder duty-stationed employees, contractors, and guest workers are educated on, and comply with, site-wide physical security requirements and responsibilities.

    (3) Safety:
    – Enforcing and ensuring external regulatory compliance for the site and facilities, including applicable regulations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, other Federal entities, and state and local governments.
    -Work with the NIST Special Assistant for Safety, Health and Environment to ensure that NIST Boulder’s managers and technical staff are cognizant of the goals, requirements and intended outcomes of the NIST safety program and their roles and responsibilities within that program.
    -Ensure that risk-management plans are developed and implemented to identify and control workplace hazards.
    -Ensure compliance with required laboratory safety policies and procedures and applicable workplace and environmental laws and regulations.
    -Monitor laboratory and other workplace activities of NIST staff, guest researchers, contractors and students.
    -Stop work if activities are found to be in non-compliance with safety policies and procedures and/or with applicable workplace and environmental laws and regulations.

    (4) Liaison Responsibilities:
    – Serving as the Department’s primary liaison and representative with federal, state and local governments, community-based interest groups, and the general public on matters affecting the operations, safety, and security of the Boulder facilities.

    (5) Operations Support for NIST Laboratories:
    -Working closely with the NIST Laboratory Directors, the NIST Special Assistant for Environment, Safety, and Health and the NIST Chief Officers (Chief Financial Officer, Chief Facilities Management Officer, Chief Human Capital Officer, and Chief Information Officer) to ensure that:

    1. Operations support priorities of the Boulder laboratory programs are addressed.
    2. Operations support issues that cut across the Boulder laboratory programs are coordinated and resolved, and
    3. Interests and needs of the Boulder laboratory programs for operations support are represented effectively to NIST headquarters.

    Operations support functions at the Boulder Laboratories include:
    1. Acquisitions Management
    2. Human Resources Support
    3. Information Technology and Security
    4. Facilities Management
    5. Construction Management
    6. Campus and Building Physical Security
    7. Safety

    Professional and Technical Qualifications (PTQs) (Candidates are required to respond to these in writing; please respond in narrative form. Each response should be 1-2 pages in length.)

    1. Demonstrated success in managing either (a) complex or diverse operations support functions for a large agency or organization, or (b) large, complex, multidisciplinary laboratory-based research programs.

    2. Demonstrated success in coordinating and balancing competing and conflicting demands from multiple internal and external customers at various organizational levels.

    3. Demonstrated success in building and maintaining effective relationships with external entities such as other federal agencies, state and local governments, universities, private sector companies, and the media.

    Education: Advanced degree preferred
    Location: Boulder, Colorado

    Compensation: To $177,000 + bonus eligibility (Senior Executive Service-level position)
    Relocation and interviewing expenses will be paid.

    EEO: JDG Associates recognizes that NIST is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will conduct all recruiting efforts accordingly. All candidates will be considered without regard to race, color, age, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, political affiliation, or disability.

    Deadline: To be considered, applications must be received no later than midnight, June 1, 2009.

    Citizenship: U.S. Citizenship required.

    Darren DeGioia
    JDG Associates, Ltd.
    1700 Research Boulevard
    Rockville, MD 20850
    [email protected]

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