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    Christoph Berendes

    Slight overstatement in the title. But, now that I get some pointers back to GovLoop from the corresponding LinkedIn group, I find that I dread the process of actually reading those links on GovLoop. Here’s why.

    There’s an unfortunate interaction between the way LinkedIn posts links back to GovLoop (within a LinkedIn frame) and GovLoop’s javascript that detects the frame (ok) and redirects to the home page: When I clicked a LinkedIn reference to a Govloop article, I see the article for a second or two in my browser, and then I get redirected to the GovLoop home page. If I’m paying close attention, I can see enough during the 2 second snapshot to search for the article I’m looking for, but often it’s too much bother.

    My wish for 2010 is that this be fixed, either by having GovLoop turn off the redirect (perhaps just for LinkedIn frames) or by tuning the javascript so that one is redirected to the original GovLoop url rather than the GL homepage.

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    Steve Ressler

    Thanks Christopher. That’s good feedback. I’ve heard different versions of that as well w/ FB, Twitter that can vary if you are signed in or not.

    Part of this will be solved when we make GovLoop more open as most members are pushing for this. Will make it that you don’t have to sign in for lots of content. That’s where we are going in 2010 just making sure we do it in the right way.

    As always, totally appreciate the feedback. Any other ideas on making GL more awesome?

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    Christoph Berendes

    Thanks, Steve. It appears to be a known Ning issue, per this thread in getsatisfaction. It reduces traffic, and that’s a shame, because Govloop deserves all the page views it can generate.

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    Christoph Berendes

    One workaround:
    1. Install the “remove redirects” bookmarklet found at SquareFree;
    2. Invoke it on the LinkedIn page that is meant to take you to GovLoop;

    Voila – no more frame, no more ricochet to the Govloop home page.

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