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    Avi Dey

    A flexibile designed, developed for State of Virginia (anchored with County of Fairfax, VA, urban community of 1.2 Million) connecting urban & rural, to help build community vitality & social capital from a bridge of arts and science .
    Key focus is to contribute to community vitality building social capital while connecting family or friends__community to community (C2C) via arts & science bridge , leveraging emerging & existing ‘success” tools such as social media, public access TV or Community Radio, neighborhood public library branches, & “live music” hosts such as open mike at neighborhood cafes, pubs, or community centers as opportunistic.

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    Avi Dey

    Question: Is there a “Bridge” between Citizen Engagement & Developing Community Vitality with Government (Federal, State & Local) & Non-Government such as Business (Chamber of Commerce, for example) & University people ?

    One Possible Example: Consider Virginia Report 2014

    “Virginia Report 2014” was developed with Virginia government initiative (Executive Branch initiative) for examining key “issues” for quality of life & economic well being for citizens of Virginia, long term issues & priorities.

    I have created a brief summary to introduce this topic for Virginia tech innovators and entrepreneurs . The full report is available at the State of Virginia website .

    Virginia report 08 14 slideshare 01 Plus
    “Within The Same Wall” For Community Vitality via Arts & Science

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    Avi Dey

    Sea Farm ECO-Boosters Club T_ Va +CB

    Emerging Opportunities for Sea Farming Small Eco Farming in coastal Virginia & Cheasapeake Bay Geo NC, MD & PA

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    Isaak Garcia

    It’s very cool that the topic of creating a community that is related to art and science is being raised. At my university, I tried to create such a community and it was very difficult due to the disorganization of some of the members. I am currently studying at university and am busy writing a research proposal. This is helped by the company, which professionally provides academic assistance to students. Working with a research proposal is a special outline of a classic research paper in which the student must present a clear dissertation and a short description of what comes next. It is very important for me.

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