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    Ari Herzog

    Government associations typically request calls for papers in advance of their conferences. The fine print is a paper is only required of an academician whereas practitioners can summarize their proposed talks in email.

    From my perspective as an elected city councilor and a digital media strategist, can you offer me any suggestions for topics I can submit to said associations? I’m guessing the more specific the topic the easier it is to focus and to market — but I’m at a loss what topics attendees care about.

    What topics do you care about that you would pay money to attend a conference to hear me, for instance, present at a session at that conference around local government and digital media?

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    Jerry Schmidt


    A topic for a paper that would be most useful would be the need for a more engaging website for the community to use to engage and interact at a higher level with their local government. I believe that more people want to be able to interact with their government much as they do other aspects of their life; that is, online. People bank and buy online, they meet and “talk” online, they review movies and restaurants online – why wouldn’t they want to engage with their government online? Just a thought. Hope it helps.

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