Can a job offer be rescinded if the interim clearance was not granted but final clearnance still being determined?

Home Forums Human Resources Can a job offer be rescinded if the interim clearance was not granted but final clearnance still being determined?

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    Michael G.

    Can HR rescind a job offer before the final clearance has been determined. Also, why does one DOD agency grant interim clearance while another does not. Both are for the exact same level of clearance.

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    Steve Ressler

    Not sure the official rule but I’ve seen almost all folks who’ve interims clearance has been denied that the agencies wait for them.

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    Michael G.

    I think you are right. Even the security manager never seen an agency rescind the offer before the final clearance. I find it troublesome and confusing that one DOD agency approves interim and another denies it. Do I have any recourse?

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    Doris Tirone

    When a job offer is made contingent upon meeting some specified criteria that can only be ascertained after the job offer is made, the employer is permitted to rescind the offer if the contingency is not met. Remember: Agencies grant security clearances (not the investigating team) and this is done based on the results of a background investigation so, if the background investigation does not support issuance of a clearance, a final clearance will not be issued by the Agency. Additionally, organizations are given discretion to decide whether or not grant interim clearances; this typically depends on the mission of the unit and/or the type of work to which the employee will be assigned but for whatever reason, the decision remains with the organization and can vary from organization to organization.

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    Deb Green

    Dang – Doris, you make one heck of an HR advisor on GovLoop! You go!

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    Doris Tirone

    Thanks Deb.

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    Michael G.

    Thanks for the information. The one position that did not grant the interim clearance was in Public Affairs while other DOD agency that granted interim clearance was on the acquisition side, both same level of clearance. I do not understand why they can not wait another month or so. I did find out that division that I was going to be working at is reorganizing and the position was not one of need. Both these were 2 and 3 three year intern programs.

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    Lindy Kyzer

    Hey Michael,

    For the most part an employer can rescind a job offer if interim is denied and the position requires a security clearance. Check out this article about interim security clearances – The good news is the fact that an interim clearance was denied with one agency doesn’t mean your chances of obtaining a final, positive determination are low. Read our clearance FAQ for a great comprehensive overview of the clearance process:

    -Lindy Kyzer, editor,

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