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    Josh Nankivel

    Yesterday at the office we had a ‘brown bag’ session over lunch about Scrum, an Agile product delivery method.

    I enjoyed the session a lot, and probably spoke too much. 🙂

    As we talked about pros and cons, and how to go about implementing it was pretty clear people want to do this, and it’s feasible too. The first steps are already being taken in some cases.

    But how do we bridge the gap between teams and management? I’ve had to do a translation between the Agile and Kanban methods my teams have used over the years. In upper management’s eyes, my teams were similar to any others. Primarily for EVM and other contractual reasons, getting things like burn down charts or backlog prioritization to bubble up to stakeholders or product owners has been a challege.

    What do you think, and have you had similar experiences? Is there an opportunity for Lean/Agile methodologies and thinking to improve your organization?

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    Janet Brunger

    I think it depends on the size, complexity and sensitivity of the project. Often on larger projects in IT, the architectural governance required to get through the checkpoints/gates is extensive. In that case, a hybrid approach using both Agile and Waterfall would work. I’m not convinced yet that a full out Agile approach will work unless the processes / bureaucracy is streamlined better.

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