Can the Internet Fix Politics?

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    Gary Berg-Cross

    Can the Internet Fix Politics?

    As he notes in an article on HuffPo he feesl that the movement toward online grassroots democracy will create a more civil, effective political system. This is not in the interest of some, but countermeasures are on their way to foil the efforts of people who don’t want politics fixed.

    What do you think?

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    Henry Brown


    Only if the internet can stop making people stupid! Would offer that the internet does almost the opposite from Craig Newmark’s opinion, in that it gives people who do NOT want a civil effective political system, especially if it doesn’t exactly match their viewpoint(s) a “believable” platform to spread their mantra…


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    Peter Sperry

    My earliest political memories are the 1968 presidential race. George Wallace was shot and paralized for life during the primaries. Robert Kennedy was shot and killed. The Democratic convention degenerated into violent rioting both inside and outside the convention center. Very few people considered the rioting unusual and most were only offended by the second shooting. Current political rhetoric may seem harsh to some people, but the street protests have been largely peacful and positively civalized compared to earlier years.

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