Can your personal finance problems get you into trouble with HR?

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    Financial woes are sometimes difficult to conceal from an employer, and a recent study says they could now have an impact on your job.

    AOL’s Daily Finance reports that a recent study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management says that more than 80 percent of human resources managers think that financial problems affect the performance of an employee.

    HR managers are concerned with more than just job performance, however. They’re also worried about the company’s bottom line:

    Though the consequences are unpleasant, the logic is fairly straightforward: If someone can’t maintain control of their own financial situation when their personal money is on the line, what would make them motivated to be a better steward of the company’s money belonging to nameless and faceless shareholders?”

    It is important to remember that most organizations won’t fire someone struggling with his or her finances, but a decrease in performance at the office usually is.

    What about where you work? Are resources readily available for those who might be struggling?

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