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    Stephen Peteritas

    If you are a government employee or quite frankly any employee in a down economy you know raises don’t just happen. You have to work for them in two senses of the word 1) you actually have to up your workload and quality of work you do and 2) work to get management and those who hold the purse strings to notice and ante up.

    We’ve all have read a self help book at some point or another that tell us “you have to be your own biggest advocate” or some variation but the question is how far do you advocate? Pushing for raises, more responsibility is definitely a skill just like anything else. It’s like a poker game but in this economy when you wager the proverbial house you are actually wagering the real house (yep the one you live in).

    We’ve been taught that fortune favors the bold but how bold is too bold? What are you thoughts, tips and tricks to moving up while the economy moves down?

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    Murray Dale Watts

    Perhaps I’m missing the point here but in my Federal agency there are no raises or promotions. With the reduction in the ceiling there are very few jobs being filled.

    With the retirements and early outs all of us are doing more without any expectation of reward or even recognition. As we have heard loud and clear, we’re lucky to have a job.

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    Ditto to what Watts said.

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    Kimberley L Berlin

    Ditto. In my agency, not only are there no raises, no promotions, no bonuses, but no grade-increases. We have been “stuck” for almost two years – and yet the work keeps piling on.

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    Lucy Lester

    Agree with Watts. Not only are we having to do more with less. Any training (that is not mandatory) or educational goals are to be sought after on our own.

    Very glad to have a job.

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    Corey McCarren

    It’s really unfortunate to see how hard it is to be promoted for government workers right now. Hopefully that trend gets turned around, it’s not encouraging.

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    Sonia Klukas

    To me, working for the Federal Government enables us to do well while doing good. However, at heart this industry is still founded on the essence of public service. For me that means to always challenge myself, leverage my work and the work my peers, and to stay fresh in the interest of supporting my agency to fulfill its mission and service to the American public.

    We all should be ensuring that we are delivering equitable results and ensuring an ROI (return on investment) for the public. If we focus on expanding the bottom line, the rewards will come, even in this tough economy. It’s hard to miss and ignore productivity, results, and teamwork. It’s been a successful formula for me.

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    Working for he Federal Government and working for a State government are different animals. Our State requires a balanced budget. While good economic policy, it is often often accomplished on the backs of the State workers.

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