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    Curt Klun

    Paul Schoemaker’s article “6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers” got me thinking about actual catalysts of strategic public service change.

    Where have you found the source of strategic change in your organization or past organization to be? Was it due to:

    • A Congressional mandate?
    • A political-appointee making their mark?
    • A significant environment change in which your agency operates?
    • a clique of informal-networked leaders?
    • Career civil service formal leadership?
    • A monumental mistake by a member of your organization?
    • External, not-for-profit advocacy or watchdog group?
    • Private sector influence?

    Based upon the responses in this discussion:

    • How will these insights impact how you conduct business as a practitioner?
    • Do you think that we ought to adopt the “6 Habits of Strategic Thinkers,” or are we just kidding ourselves?

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