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    Patrick O’Malia

    Does anyone have any suggestions on the most useful certifications to pursue to make yourself more attractive to potential employers? I have a Master of Public Admin but have not really specialized in anything. I am currently going after my Cert. Govt. Financial Manager but have a real interest in community/economic development, project management, city administration, grant writing, etc. Can any of you offer some suggestions? Anything would be appreciated.

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    Steve Ressler

    From one of my friend:

    Lots of folks like the PMP… Doesn’t include me. I prefer certifications in the school of hard knocks…

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    Kathleen Smith


    Yes PMP is a big one. The best way to find out what kind of certifications you are looking for is to go to various job boards, look at the jobs that you would eventually want to apply for and look to see what kinds of certifications they are asking for in the job description.


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    Paul Binkley

    I agree about the PMP. It’s even been mentioned among my faculty that the PMP would be a great addition to a MPA. It can take a long time to get though, because, as I understand it, you need to have a number of project management experience under your belt before you can start the certification process. On the other hand, you should talk with others in your field/profession about what they have or what they consider to be distinctive.

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    Daniel Mintz

    The answer is greatly impacted by what you want to be considered for.

    Two ‘general’ certifications that are very useful to have in the services space are ITIL training and PMP. The former is a standard methodology for looking at structured processes, the latter supports the thought you have a good background for managing projects.

    Having said that, IMO important to finding jobs (in addition to certifications) is:

    * related job experience (the circular problem we all have faced at one time), and

    * aggressive networking within trade groups that touch our area (the reality is that no one really hires well, so if you know someone personally who is doing the hiring – or someone who knows the person doing the hiring – that is a very important leg up compared to people who just are throwing resumes over the wall

    – Dan

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    Patrick O’Malia

    Thank you everyone. I have heard a lot about the PMP (the ITIL is new). I have done a little research and found that there is an entry level PMP called a CAPM which I will strongly consider going after as I do not have a ton of project management experience.


    Many of you have mentioned that it would depend on what I wanted to do. I’ve always been motivated by city management and community/economic development but nearly every certification you can get for that is based on work experience alone. I thought that by going after a new skill set that I could open up some new doors and see where it would lead.

    Thank you all for your help and suggestions!!

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