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    Just heard about ToneCheck, a new add-on for email that checks for “emotional” content. If you’ve ever sent an email and wish you could have checked it first – this free add-on is for you.

    It works with Outlook, Gmail and Lotus Notes.

    See screenshot of test email above. It flagged “how dare you say that” as potentially “humiliating.”

    Great tool – extremely useful.

    How do you check your emails before sending to make sure they are OK? Do you have a defined process for this?

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    Steve Cottle

    What a cool idea. Looking forward to checking it out. I’ve always found time and a second look to be the best filter. If I write an e-mail in the heat of the moment, I try to leave it alone for a while (or put off writing altogether) and return to re-read it when I’ve achieved a little distance from the situation before sending.

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    Just use my colleagues…”hey, how does this sound?”

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    Tammy Lang

    I like this thought process, but when I installed it, it stated the software would run in the background on my computer regardless if chrome was open or not. I immediately uninstalled it. Why would it need to run if I am not using my email account???

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    Mark Hammer

    Years ago, I sent an angry (well, frustrated is more like it) e-mail to my director in which I extended a “cordial invitation (to a group of senior bureaucrats) to have carnal relations with themselves” (sic!) if they couldn’t accept a certain point of view. She apparently didn’t read or digest the note thoroughly because she passed it on to her director. Nobody got in trouble for it, but I get a delicious private tickle whenever I think of it.

    Get to know your euphemisms, kids! They are the trojan horses that get you in the gate of the castle. 🙂

    Just be nice to each other.

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    Tim Buchanan

    Great idea, I like this tool, thanks for sharing it Dannielle! As far as my work emails go…..edit, edit, edit. I often let them wait a short while before sending, depending on the subject matter.

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    Justin Kerr-Stevens

    I really hope we’re not at this stage yet! I’d like to think I know my colleagues and am professional enough to know what’s appropriate and isn’t. An auto correct for my spelling and grammar – that’s fine. One for my emotions? No way!!!

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    Hi everyone – postscript is the add-on made Firefox run slowly so got rid of it. But glad to read all this great advice. Probably the best is just to recognize that “moment” when you’re about to mess up and STOP TYPING!

    Wonder if this will be possible when we are all instant messaging instead!

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    Corey McCarren

    lol I love it, this is probably one of the best comments I’ve ever read on GovLoop as far as entertainment value goes.

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    Corey McCarren

    I’d like to think that I’ve never written an emotional e-mail, but that wouldn’t be true true, though that was 3 or so years ago in college! If I’m ever that frustrated what I do is write the email, save it as a draft, then go back so I can remember all of the details – they’re written down – but put it in a way that’s not emotional. Turn “how dare you!” into “I feel as if you stepped over the line in that instance” lol.

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    Jaime Gracia

    Very interesting tool. Should be part of the package, and not an add-on.

    While we are at, it should also register and post statistics on emails flagged as “inflammatory.” Might be an interesting feedback mechanism for feds that need need it, especially the ones that think it is acceptable to send disrespectful emails to colleagues and contractors alike.

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    Justin Kerr-Stevens

    Safe short and sweet!

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    William Lim

    Echoing Corey and Mark’s comments, I think we can all learn something from the British:


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    Allison Primack

    On GovLoop’s Facebook, I asked “Do you check the tone of your emails before you send them?”. These were the responses:

    Daniel Robinson hahahaha – yes, I check the tone!

    Jane Robinson Yes! I get too many ‘unchecked’ emails!

    Sam Doucette I try to. I have a Wingman (ie, trusted colleague) who does that for me and I do it for him.

    Jason Oleston No matter what you compose there is going to be someone who takes offense either because they lack comprehnsion skills or they are a perpetually aggrieved soul with a victimhood complex looking for yet another opportunity to make a mountain out of a molehill.

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