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    Elaine McLaughlin

    Hey — I’ve tried every which way to send this… Hope it works this time.

    Hope you all find it interesting enough to comment on – since I could use your help!


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    Steve Ressler

    Option 1 is pretty cool. I like it because your target audience is there. You probably know it better than me but I’d look to see if other companies/associations/etc have done similar contests at Pinterest so you can learn any tips on what works in that medium

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    Faye Newsham

    Pinterest campaign seems viable with the female demographic. When considering Twitter – remember you can include images here also (twitpics). I think the collection of images could be really useful both as discussion points and future work.

    Maybe include/encourage educational projects – can we get teachers to encourage kids to take pictures of all the drinks they have in a day and create a poster about how many calories, etc. Maybe a poster to encourage teachers to do this project? Not only would this inform teachers and students, but also reach your female demographic in an indirect way (helping on the project, seeing the result?).

    I was laughed at when I suggested 15+ years ago that putting white sugar AND flavored milk on frosted flakes at daycare to be a bad idea before sending the kids to school. If I could have afforded to move them to another daycare, I would have. I’ve fought and lost several times on the “chocolate milk is just as good a white milk for kids and at least they will drink it” issue. The high school used the money from the soda and snack machines to fund free stuff for poor kids (coats, clothes, school supplies, funds for field trips othe kids paid to go on, etc.) – so that is darn hard to take away from them. My kids had no soda at home, only juices, water, and white milk. I went “not from concentrate” on the juices and only bought single fruit juices (blends tend to be much more sugary).

    Anyway, you are heading in the right directions I think – don’t forget to show water in a glasses or reusable bottles!

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