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    Kristin Dziadul

    Hi Everyone!

    I work for a new start-up called Backupify and we are looking to connect with
    data-centered companies and people like all of you. I have heard raving reviews of this community as both an information gathering source and also a very welcoming group of professionals in the government sector.

    why I would like to take a minute to get your feedback on some questions I have about cloud computing and backup systems.

    We are launching a new product soon (Google Apps backup) and I
    would really appreciate your ideas. (Answer 1, 2 or all of them as you wish!) This would really help us target the correct people and gather invaluable information from the group.

    Here is the information I
    am asking your input on. You can either respond directly here or send me a message.

    1. Who is your employer and what is your position?

    2. What is the current stance of your employer on Twitter/FB
    Are you aware that you need a backup solution?
    your legal dept suggested or mandated it?
    Is this the first time
    you’ve thought about it?
    Are you actively looking?
    Do you
    already have something?

    3. As we take the solution (a Google
    Apps backup service) to market, which decision makers do we need to reach? (CIO? I.T. Manager? Compliance manager? Records retention manager?)

    4. What are the key selling points in a Google Apps
    backup solution? What are the must have features in your opinion?

    would you find out about this solution?

    You can look into
    our company if you want familiarity with what we provide.
    If you want clarification on any of these questions please feel free to
    reach out to me and we can even set up a quick phone call.

    would really appreciate your feedback as you are connected to many
    people and groups here.

    Thanks so much for your help!

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