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    Emily Landsman

    Feeling suffocated by 24/7 productivity expectations? Hungry for a technological edge to make your life easier and your community better? Code for America Commons is a great resource for discovering community-driven civic applications for open government.

    Think of it as a resource to discover who is using what, how it works, how successful it is, and how you can integrate it into your best practices. You can look for applications and solutions by city or government agency, and you can even directly browse the apps themselves, which are neatly arranged by software type, license, and application function. It functions like a wiki—so add your two cents and share with the community the solutions you’ve found, too.

    It really is as simple as that. The only thing left is for you to explore! They have a very clean site that is easily navigable (though they are still tweaking the site as it is in beta mode).

    How will you leverage Code for America to find solutions in your community?

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