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    Mark Hammer

    I suppose both Dilbert and Doonesbury are ubiquitous and pinned to many an office wall. Bloom County, Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, and Pogo are treasured but long gone. But there are wads of other regular comic strips that are every bit as good and biting, with more limited exposure. Some are in major papers, some in magazines, some in things like free local arts & cultures tabloids, and others are only available on-line. I became a lifelong devotee of Lynda J. Barry when her strip regularly appeared in a local tabloid some years back. I also enjoyed Life in Hell, when it was a weekly thing, before Matt Groening became sidetracked by the various TV-related initiatives he is involved with. I also like Weltschmerz, until its demise ( )

    I’m currently a huge fan of Get Fuzzy, which I might describe as Garfield, if revamped and co-written by a psycholinguist and philosopher. My older son regularly sends me SMBC cartoons.

    So, what current or past cartoon strips can you recommend? Here’s a list I found of current strips, that might job your memory into making recommendations.

    Anything your comrades-in-smiles might enjoy following that they may not have previously run into?

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    Mark Hammer

    Um, that should say “jog your memory”. Smiling shouldn’t be a job. Well, that is unless you actually have a job where your principal function is to smile.

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