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    Victoria A. Runkle

    So, I had a dreadful experience today — my billfold was lifted off of me in Minneapolis on my way to the airport. Got to the airport and most of my ID’s were missing. Well, you can imagine the major issues — banks had to be called; etc. But, the worse part, I had no picture ID to get back on the plane to come home.
    The TSA staff really made a very trying time as pleasant as they could. I made it through security after a thorough review. The various staff worked the issue really well. .
    I open the Homeland Security website to leave a compliment. And, well, I cannot find the place to leave a positive comment. I will look more, but interesting that there are many ways to whistleblow and report a variety of issues, but not really easy to find the compliment area. Maybe we should add that to all websites, and publish the positives. You know there are alot of folks working in government trying to work through challenges each day. Yes, we make alot of mistakes, but we also do some good things too.
    Thanks to the folks who work for TSA. The jerk who stole my billfold was using my cards within an hour of stealing the my billfold. Thanks for getting me through security in enough time to call the banks and the police to start the other side of the process.

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    Adriel Hampton

    Glad you made it through the experience OK!

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    Henry Brown

    I have used the website

    ” Thanks for visiting Got Feedback! We are excited about this program and want to hear your comments, both good and bad. With your help, we will work to improve the traveling experience of passengers nationwide.

    After leaving your feedback, it will be emailed directly to the person in charge of TSA customer service at the airport for which you are commenting. If you ask for a response, you will receive one. If no response is requested, we will use this information to determine trends and make necessary adjustments.

    If your feedback is of a general nature and is not airport specific, feel free to leave your response on our Evolution of Security Blog instead of using this form. “

    for providing Kudo’s for TSA staff for dealing with my significant other while she was trying to fly “home” to be with her mother prior to her death, and the flight schedule left absolutely no room for any delays between connecting airports and she was escorted to the “head of the line” and in one case the TSA staff actually was able to get the plane departure delayed for a few minutes while they provided cart transport to the boarding area.

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    Steve Ressler

    Cool story

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    That is a great testimony on TSA. You may also want to introduce yourself to Tina Cariola to tell your story. She is the IdeaFactory Program Manager, Transportation Security Administration. I posted to Tina’s page to inform her of your Forum topic.

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    Blogger Bob

    Hello GovLoop! (And Victoria) As was stated earlier, Got Feedback is a great way to leave kudos – or any kind of comment – that you would like TSA management to see at a specific airport. The information you provide is e-mailed to the customer support manager and you can even ask for a response.

    We receive many kudos as well as complaints via Got Feedback and many of our employees have been favorably recognized for the compliments that have come in via the program.


    Blogger Bob
    TSA Blog Team

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