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    You and I tune in year after year to watch our favorite stars and artists at awards shows like the Emmy’s, the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the MTV Awards and even Teen’s Choice (yes, for some reason that was on at our house a couple nights ago….don’t ask).

    For the web geeks, there’s the Webby’s and for ballers with global impact, there’s the Nobel.
    And we know there are the SAMMIES and the Fed 100 for public sector brilliance, but if you were to receive an edgy, out of the ordinary award for being awesome as a public sector employee, what would you call it?
    Some ideas to stoke the storming:
    – The Public Service Awards (call the statue “The Servant”)
    – The Gov Awards (statue = “The Golden Gov”)
    – Gov Rockstars (statue = “The Boss”)
    – RadGov
    Just throwing it out there and wondering how you’d want to be honored in a way that’s part serious, part fun, informal and inspiring.
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    Mary Lowrey

    Wonder — folks outside the gov would be impressed and we insiders know that wonder is the appropriate response to that email from eOPF that says you have new documents in your folder. When you go there (or to your latest e&l statement) you see a $ figure but you never see what the award was for, who nominated you for it – that might provide a clue as to what it was for – or any other information…… so we just spend the money and “wonder”….

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    How about “Wonder Worker”? 🙂

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    Nicholas Charney

    “The Govies” but I heard there is a problem w/that one …

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    Yep…why we’re looking for another…

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    what if, for instance, we were to gather people in person? still use the same kind of thing?

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    Gary Berg-Cross

    Perhaps we should feature the idea of smart or effective government. So we would have a “Smart Gov” award.

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    This is an interesting challenge, Andy. The catch is that the best known ones (Oscars, Emmys, and, yes, Tonys) have nothing inherent in their moniker that ties them to the organizations giving them or to the nature of the award. In other words, they’ve taken on their own meaning. Additionally, they sound like two-syllable men’s and/or women’s names… so forget about Gov-related names and the meaning behind the awards/names… it needs to be something like the Frankies, the Teddys, the Bobbys, or the Jimmys.

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    Kathleen Smith

    well having been in Maine for awhile and everything is call Wicked up there – wicked Gov? sorry just had to put in my Official 2 Cents

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