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    On an average, what is the timeframe from the time a person requests a contract to having a fully executed agreement in place?

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    Steve Ressler

    How would you define? Is that the time a gov’t project mgmt asks contracting show for a contract to fully executed agreement?

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    Jaime Gracia

    What Kari is asking for is the acquisition lifecycle time, or lead time. However, there is no way any specificity can be provided. The only real “answer” available, like many things, is that it depends.

    Some dependencies of note, but are also not any where exhaustive, include:

    1. Size and scope of the need. The more complex, the more time.
    2. Relationship between contracting and program management. Typically, the relationship is adversarial with little substantive communications, which slows the process.
    3. Soundness of the requirements, which also touches on #1.
    4. Effective market research, to include proper acquisition planning.
    5. The capabilities and skill set of the assigned contracting specialist or Contracting Officer (KO)

    For easy, repetitive commodity buys, maybe you can have in place in days or weeks. More complex is months if not years. There are no set timetables, other than the development of the acquisition milestone schedule that hopefully has realistic timeframes injected into the process.

    More sophisticated acquisition shops have guidelines, but even those are not set in stone.

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    I define “the time a person requests a contract” as an engineer, or Waste Management Program Manager, or other interal customer stating a need for a contract in person, over the phone, or in an email to me. Does that help?

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    In my case, the project manager must have the scope to me in order to request a contract. So, let’s say the measurement begins when the project manager asks for a contract and provides the scope to the administrative person who initiates the paperwork. Does that help define the timeline I am trying to measure? Thank you Jaime.

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    Steven Neal

    Need a few more W’s (details) on this question to even advise a ball-park answer…

    Who is requesting What contract service or product, and Why (requirement)? Where does this requestor work, and do they have previously approved funding (ie., through the Project Objective Memorandum process) for this potential contract? The When will work itself out by the requested/awarded deadline, if (big IF) all the other W’s and the funding are alright…

    I have seen the gov’t contract budget-solicitation-award-implementation process take over five years, but I’ve also driven justification for million dollar out-of-cycle (unfunded) DoD projects that were awarded congressional-insert funding and were fully implemented in under six months.

    So, if you have a specific scenario in mind, re-submit your question with those details. I’ll be happy to share any advice that might apply, and will keep an eye open for your updates.

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    Jaime Gracia

    That is indeed the acquisition lead-time. As both Steven and I noted, perhaps specificity with your current requirements/situation might help provide more concrete answers, as we both are indicating it depends on many factors.

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    HI Steven, Thank you for assisting me in clarifying my question.

    The “Who” and “Where” are the project managers of the Department of Waste Management & Recycling at the County of Sacramento. Their job classifications can range from Waste Management Operations Managers to Supervising Waste Management Specialist.

    The “What” they are requesting a contract for is usualy a service ranging anywhere from Green Material Processing to the Sale of Used Curbside Containers (garbage cans).

    The “Why” is because there is a need to purchase something to assist us in providing efficient collection and disposal or recycling of our customers’ garbage, recyclables, green waste and bulky items.

    The funding approval is included in the acquisition lead-time. The request begins with the Project Manager, is approved by the Waste Management Program Manager and is then sent to the Sr. Accountant for him to decide which cost center the funding will come out of.

    I hope the explanation helps to clarify the process time I am trying to get an average measurement for. Thanks!

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    Steven Neal

    Kari, thanks for the insightful reply. Knowing these details, I can see the PM-contract process has already been established and should have a measurable (reportable) completion rate. Indeed, it seems you have a very good handle on what you do and who you need to ask, as you are the author of a good many items in the very first place I started to research my reply:

    I may have a stake in the outcome, so I will keep looking… My daughter and USAF pilot son-in-law live in Yuba City (just north of Sacramento), so I know there is some difference between our federal and California gov’t politics and funding, but I am not in a position to request these answers for you.

    Happy Holidays, and best wishes in your endeavors!


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    Thank you for your time Steven. Yes, there is a process in place and I would like to improve upon it. I tend to have very high standards and an accountant asked me what the typical process time is for other government agencies, as well as the private sector. SO, I’m researching, but regardless of the responses I still think our process is taking too long and would like to improve the timeline.

    As far as the documents you discovered in our document library, I am unable to take credit for the authorship on probably most of those. I was just responsible for uploading them to our website. Thanks.

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