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    Marjie Brown

    Does anyone know of a cost efficient service or technology creates mobile friendly and/eBook versions of 500MB gov pdfs? We at have a large collection of federally funded research syntheses loaded with vital information for wildland fire managers, but they’re only available in print or in humongous, cumbersome pdfs.

    We loved the affordability,quality,interface and function of uploading them to, but the BLM blocks access to the site!

    The west is burning as I write this and we need a solution.

    Thanks GovLoop!

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    William Lim

    Do you have access to the original source documents from which the PDF was made? If so, maybe you can go back to the source document and turn it into an HTML/XML web page.

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    Joe Flood

    How about scribd? You can upload and share PDF files. Government agencies, like the FCC, are already using it.

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    Marjie Brown

    The regional BLM office in Denver has some but not all of them in InDesign – somewhere. The woman who is in charge of all that is already so swamped that I’m the one gathering graphics and photos for her annual reports and such. It’s good to know that this is something we can fall back on though, if we can’t find something simpler. Thank you William!

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    Marjie Brown

    I’ll check it out! Thank you Joe! If it’s as easy as and gov agencies are already using it this might be the ticket.

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    Hi Marjie – I think GPO is making a push toward digital books (ironically):

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    Marjie Brown

    Hi Andrew – yes – ironically (See me looking down at my watch tapping my foot impatiently…;). I think our stuff would get completely lost in all that. I’ll see if the BLM will allow access to scribd and then try creating a bookshelf. I’ll keep the Govloop crowd posted. Thanks Andrew!

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    Jeff Brooke

    I believe that both GPO and GSA offer e-publishing services.


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    Robert Bacal

    It’s not clear what formats you would like to move TO. *.epub and *.mobi are two standards that can be read on mobile devices of various sizes without further formatting, these would be the files used on nook, kindle, other mobile devices.

    PDF’s are meant to mirror the printed doc, so they can render things faithful to the originals, BUT they don’t read well on most smaller devices, since the text doesn’t “reformat” to fit screen sizes, at least natively.

    So, to get to the question, if you want to move to the epub type formats which gives max flexibility, there is NO automatic process that will do that effectively, and so much has to be tweaked and done manually if you go from PDF to those formats. If you go from source files (doc. html, etc) it’s much easier.

    AND, mobile formats don’t work well with images and tables.

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    Marjie Brown

    Thanks Robert. This is very helpful. I think that in a perfect world it’s the .epub and .mobi that we are after since so much of our audience is out in the field and away from desks for the next 6 months (fire season). Here is an example of the type of pub we’d like folks to have at their fingertips.

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    Eileen Kessler

    Hi, Marjie, I am replying to this a bit late. Another way to go is to create an APP for your organization that would house your pubs on the iTunes and Android store. My company, a local design firm, is helping agencies transfer their pubs to a branded app, so people can read on many devices. I’m happy to talk with you about it if you want to know more. –Eileen

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