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    What are your best examples of crowdsourcing? How has your organization utilized crowdsourcing to make a decision? How have ideas and feedback generated from crowdsourcing impacted the process? Are you using crowdsourcing just with colleagues within your agency, with the public, or with both? How has information received from crowdsourcing changed the very way you look at a challenge, problem, or decision?

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    Geordie Adams

    Jay, I would be happy to take you through the numerous successes that PubliVate has had in working with our government clients on crowdsourcing and innovation management.

    You can contact me at [email protected], friend me on govloop, or twitter handle is publivate…thanks…Geordie

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    Thanks, Geordie. I am now following you on Twitter. I am @ChatterBachs. I added you to my GovLoop and govt lists there. I also sent you a GovLoop friend invite. Have a productive day!

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