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    Matthew Weigelt

    Beyond agencies’ IT help desks, agencies have a lot of knowledge about typical IT matters. Crowdsourcing can pull that knowledge together in a central internal agency community, solving general IT problems much faster and without submitting a ticket to the help desk.

    For example, I can quickly search the Internet when I have a problem with my phone. As many phones as there are out there, someone is bound to have had the same problem. They likely have posted the question online and already had a response with a fix. If I read it, I can solve my phone problem, rather than driving to the nearest Verizon store.

    Are agencies beginning to tap that knowledge?

    Would doing so save time and money for an agency?

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    Matthew… great post… at GSA we use Chatter, and yes, it does solve problems like you mentioned. I have seen it work many times over to quickly solve those ‘quick question’ IT problems. still need to call in a ticket for more complex stuff, but overall a very good platform

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