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    Steve Ressler

    Got this from a friend and wanted to pass along:

    I want to let you know about a very cool position being advertised at the US
    Department of Energy (my employer). We’re looking for a Chief Technology
    Officer/Senior Policy Advisor for the Office of Energy Efficiency and
    Renewable Energy (http://www.eere.energy.gov).

    DOE, and EERE in particular, are right at the heart of the Obama
    Administration’s efforts on alternative energy, including work on solar,
    wind, vehicles, green buildings, geothermal, and many other areas. This
    position will shape the way EERE uses IT to advance its mission. Among
    other things, we’re hoping the CTO/Senior Advisor will help launch
    innovative online programs to engage Americans on how we can reduce our
    energy consumption and speed the adoption of renewable energy technologies.

    The position closes soon (January 31) so please pass this along to anyone
    you think would be interested and qualified. You can find out more information at USAjobs.GOV:



    SALARY RANGE: 117,787.00 – 162,900.00 USD /year
    OPEN PERIOD: Thursday, December 10, 2009 to Sunday, January 31, 2010
    SERIES & GRADE: EJ-2210-05/05 POSITION INFORMATION: Full -Time Permanent

    The Position is being announced in accordance with the policies and
    procedures outlined in 5 CFR, Part 302, Employment in the Excepted

    Relocation may be paid.

    The Department of Energy’s overarching mission is to advance the
    national, economic, and energy security of the U.S. through
    scientific and technological innovation and the environmental cleanup
    of the national nuclear weapons complex. With DOE you’ll have the
    flexibility and freedom to explore a world of possibilities through
    a wealth of exciting and challenging career opportunities. By
    joining DOE, you can hone your career skills while helping to secure
    the U.S. future and make a real difference in the lives of Americans
    and people around the world.

    To learn more about the DOE, please visit our website the following
    link DOE
    This position is located in the Office of Energy Efficiency and
    Renewable Energy (EERE), Office of the Principal Deputy Assistant
    Secretary. The Office of EERE is seeking a motivated and highly-
    qualified candidate for an exciting full-time permanent position
    located in Washington D.C.

    In this position the incumbent is recognized as an authority on a
    broad range of issues and strategic design concerning a multitude of
    cutting edge information technology (IT) and new media solutions,
    provides authoritative advice and guidance to the Assistant
    Secretary (ASEE), Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (PDAS) , and
    Chief Operating Officer (COO), as well as stakeholders at other USAG
    agencies, Congress, and the private sector on issues such as use of
    advanced IT resources to streamline the function of EERE operations,
    opportunities to review and comment on models and assumptions
    driving decisions, proposed technological standards, and how IT and
    new media can be used to advance EERE’s, and by extension the
    Department’s, mission vis-a-vis energy conservation and renewable
    energy technologies and sources.

    The successful candidate for this position will possess the
    following KSAs/competencies:

    1. Expert knowledge of the full range of IT disciplines, e.g. IT
    strategic planning, lifecycle management, advanced interface
    designs, new media and social networking tools, collaborative software,
    visualization, and simulation, etc.
    2. Expert knowledge of project management principles and business.
    3. Ability to communicate effectively and persuasively both orally
    and in writing with senior level officials, function and program
    managers, technical subject matter specialists, industry
    representatives, key customers and stakeholders.
    4. Comprehensive knowledge of concepts, principles, and practices
    in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies,
    along with associated EERE, Department of Energy, and Administration
    goals, priorities, and objectives in these areas.

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