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    In light of the success of “Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe”, I’ve decided that I’d like to have my own television program. But, no, I don’t want to find the toughest, dirtiest, most under-appreciated jobs around. Here’s what I am willing to do… I am willing to travel globally to find the cushiest, easiest jobs in government. I would work each for a day, and then I will release the Cushy Jobs Index (also known as the CJI) annually.

    In order to launch “Cushy Jobs with Jay Daughtry”, I need your feedback. So, send me those cushy jobs, you know the ones where the work’s not too difficult… good paycheck… nice perks… maybe a little prestige. No job is too cushy for me to tackle on your behalf, my loyal fans.

    Oh… and if you happen to have contact info for a TV producer, send that along too.

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    Ha! Believe it or not, I thought about this several months ago…but would definitely want to stick with the “Dirtiest” or “Most Dangerous” or “Duty to America” theme…too many folks think ALL government jobs are cushy jobs, so it would be nice to have a show that highlights the toughest jobs in government…or just feature those folks who we THINK we know what they do, but pull back the curtain a bit to see just how hard (and underappreciated) it is. Paint our public servants as the heroes they are! Some people I’d like to follow for a day (think of the most controversial jobs or least respected/understood here):

    – TSA Agent

    – Acquisitions folks who buy billion dollar jets and aircraft carriers like you and I buy lunch

    – DMV workers

    – USPS worker

    I’ll stop there and let others chime in with their ideas…

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    Candace Riddle

    I’d like to see an “Undercover Boss” take on this idea. Have Senior Level Execs go down in the trenches for a day undercover and perform the tasks of a GS-7. What could they learn or improve?

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    Christina Morrison

    I love it!!! Mike Rowe is some where in the world kicking himself for not being you.

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    Adriel Hampton

    Full house: Former Assemblyman Alberto Torrico, a termed-out Democrat from Fremont, becomes the latest outgoing lawmaker to land a $128,109-a-year state appointment.

    Torrico was named to the state Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board by Assembly Speaker John Pérez – where he will join former Assembly members Bonnie Garcia and George Plescia and ex-state Sens. Roy Ashburn, Denise Moreno Ducheny and Dennis Hollingsworth for a full house of unemployed lawmakers.

    Read more:

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    Bill Brantley

    The cushiest job in the world – Distinguished, tenured, full-professor at your typical sleepy-town liberal arts university. Retire with me to the faculty club so we can grouse about what a jerk the dean is.

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    Steve Ressler

    College bowl commissioner – one event per year. Over $1M in salary

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    Chris Stinson

    and with 30+ games, seems to be a goldmine for a one day event………….hold it……………………

    Maybe it’s time for a Federal Bowl. I can see it now, a big TV deal, and making the schools buy a set amount of tickets at outrageous prices, and the football fans even more. A percentage of parking and concessions…………

    seems to be better then the lotto or a tax increse!!!!!

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    Joshua R. DeBeary

    I think the cushiest government jobs would be a hit on Bravo! I am not sure what government job would be the easiest. But I would sure like to see how people in congress and city elected officials spend their day when they are not smiling for the cameras.

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    Oh, Andy, Andy, Andy… this is not about an agenda. This is about me. I was watching a segment with Mike Rowe, and I was thinking, “There is no way I would want to do that.” I’d want to do the really easy jobs. And, voila, an idea was born!

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    I’m sure he is, Christina. If anyone gets a chance to talk with Mike, please reassure him that he’s doing a fine job… just being himself…

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    Oooh, there’s all kind of material here, Adriel.

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    Yessshhh, what time shall we meet at the faculty club, Dr. Brantley?

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    I had no idea, Steve. Where do I apply?

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    Thanks for the support, Joshua. I’ll be sure to let you know when it premieres.

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    You may just have something there, Chris…

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    If you liked this one, check out my latest GovLoop post: “Jay Daughtry’s Virginia”: Like “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” w/out all the danger!

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    Candace, I added this one to GovLoop in February: “Should Undercover Boss take on a Governmental Agency?”: Check it out!

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