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    Dave Hebert

    Anyone built or know of a customer service program, model, system, whatever aimed at employees? I suppose it would be structurally similar to any other cust. svc. model, but I’d love to hear more from anyone who’s done this or seen it done.

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    Steve Ressler

    Not gov but I’ve heard at Google that the IT help desk is more like an awesome genius bar – they quickly hand out whatever equipment you need & have lockers full of supplies you can just take (vs 3 forms to complete). Also all the Google services they offer like dry cleaning, buses, etc is all about internal customer service.

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    Yes, we’ve done this multiple times with internal facing services, such as HR, IT, Finance and Contracts/Procurement. Components of the program are the same Six Essential Elements we use in all programs. The core principle is that everyone you interact with everyday is your customer, including your team mates, subordinates, colleagues in other programs/departments, interns, bosses…all your customers “internal” to the organization.

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    Dave Hebert

    Thanks, Wendy — do you have some documentation of how you employ the Elements or other guidance that you could share?

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    Barry Furey


    A good deal of it relates to communication. Good internal customer service makes sure that your troops know what’s going on – and that they hear the true story from you before they hear another version through the informal means of communications (rumor mill) that exist in any organization. Another critical component is acknowledgement of a job well done/rewards. And rewards don’t need to be large. In addition to our employee and rookie of the year programs we have an “I’m just ducky” program where we give little rubber ducks to people in response to something good that they’ve done. Pretty cheap but pretty effective. I’ve talked to many employers in the public and private sector and learned that it doesn’t take something big to reward performance. Often, it’s something that makes the recipient smile. Finally, customer service for employees needs to have a feedback mechanism. Everyone wants to be heard. There must be a way to recevie – and act upon – employee comments and suggestions to make them feel like a part of the team.

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    You are most welcome, Dave, and thanks for asking about additional information.

    The Elements are the subject of the book “The Science of Service: Six Essential Elements for Creating a Culture of Service in the Public Sector.” Here’s the book’s web site: There’s an excerpt posted. Also check out our web site’s Communications page ( for all our back issues of “The CSA Edge” newsletter. Each one addresses a related topic. Finally, feel free to follow on Twitter @theCSAedge and “like” on Facebook at for daily tips and updates.

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